1st International Congress of PolMuLTS POLAND Spała 2016

1st Congress of Polish Muscles, Ligaments & Tendons Society
POLAND Spała 2016
“Current trends in the treatment and rehabilitation of muscles,
tendons and ligaments injuries

Date: December 14 - 16, 2016

Place: Olympic Training Center in Spala, Poland

The aim of the Polish Society of Muscle Tendons and Ligaments is to raise awareness in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of people with soft tissue injuries. Because the subject is not well known and there is no developed standards of conduct, which is why we would like, as a Society, to make up this gap and expand the knowledge of the modern approach to the various issues associated with soft tissues injuries and their treatment, also by the means of unconventional methods.
Our Congress is not only about the acquisition of knowledge but also it gives the opportunity to establish close relationships between the participants. There will be two chances for doing so in the form of: Evening of Fellow Members in the Centralny Ośrodek Sportowy and the solemn Christmas Eve dinner in the Karczma Spalska tavern. As the number of participants taking part in the Congress is limited, please submit your notification of intention to participate in our meeting at your earliest convenience. For participation in Congress we expect educational points for you.
If anyone of you is interested in active participation in the Congress and wants to share with us his knowledge or skills, please send abstracts of proposed presentations.

We invite you to become a members of our Society.

More information and application forms are on the web site: www.ptmsiw.pl

I invite you
(-) Marek Krochmalski

The Chairman of the Organizing Committee


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Olympic Training Center in Spala, Poland